15 Minute and 30 Minute Psychic Readings

Accurate and Genuine Psychic Readings that will give you answers to your questions about your Future, Love, Finances and Travel. You will receive guidance on which path to take to have the future that you want. Max Mancer is the psychic reader. He has Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Empathy, Direct Knowing and Prophecy. He has over 15 years of satisfied psychic reading clients. He works from Sydney Australia. International clients can receive the psychic reading via Email, Skype or Phone.

*** WE ARE AVAILABLE TODAY to give you a Psychic Reading On Skype, On the Phone or Via Email from anywhere in the world, Pay First on this page and then email us. For a Skype Reading, the Skype name is maxmancer. Send us your Skype name via email after you have paid. Thank You.

Purchase Now with PayPal, Direct Deposit, VISA or CASH.

Healing Payment Options

You can decide how you receive the psychic reading.
1.Phone 2.Skype 3.Email (Phone Readings are recommended for our Australian Clients – Max will call you for the reading) Phone Readings are only available to people in the following 5 countries Australia, USA, Canada, UK and NZ.
After you send payment, send an email with your request to and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Payment must be received prior to work commencing. No guaranteed results, no refunds. See our great testimonials. Thank you.

We recommend that you purchase the 30 Minute Psychic Reading, because you can ask as many questions as you want within the 30 minutes, and Max will answer as many as possible within that time. Most people will ask more than 2 questions. Also, be aware that more questions can arise, during the reading.

Please Note: Max does not do General Readings. Max works mainly based on your questions. So please have specific questions about what you know about. After the purchase please email through your Full Birth Name and Date of Birth and the Full Birth name and Date of Birth of anyone else that you are asking about. This is for astrology and numerology reasons.


Psychic ReadingsClick to Purchase
15 Minute Psychic Reading = $88 AUD
(short reading 1 or 2 questions only)

30 Minute Psychic Reading = $111 AUD
(ask as many questions as you like)

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To Book A Psychic Reading or Healing:
Contact: Max Mancer
Phone: 0403 921 752
International Phone: Int’l Country Code +61 403 921 752

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